About Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours

Woolworths want to make it fun and easy for kids to eat more fruit and vegies every day. With Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours, educators can bring their classrooms to a local Woolworths fresh produce department for the kids to interact with fruit and vegies in a fresh and fun new way.

What they will discover

Children will go on a discovery where they will be introduced to an array of rainbow-coloured fruit and vegies. Through sight, sound, touch and smell, they’ll have a sensory experience with familiar, and sometimes unfamiliar produce, learning how and where they grow, the benefits of each and the importance of eating a good variety of fresh fruit and vegies every day.

Age groups/classes

Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours have been designed with the school curriculum in mind, catering to kids from Early Learning Centres all the way up to year 6.

Key learning outcomes

The aim is to educate kids, through fun hands-on activities, to eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Here’s what they will take away:

  • ELC-Kindy/Prep/Reception/Transition kids will learn about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruit and vegie colours.
  • Years 1-2 kids will learn how different fruit and vegies are good for different parts of their body.
  • Years 3-4 kids will discover fruit and vegies don’t grow the same and they have different seasons.
  • Years 5-6 kids will learn about sustainability and waste reduction, such as odd-shaped produce does not affect its taste or health benefits and should not be thrown away.

To book a tour, pop in and see the Woolworths Majura Park Store Manager, or visit the website here.