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Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 year ago

Halloween sorted: crazy costumes, shocking snacks and a disturbing front door

The dark night of ghouls, ghosts and blood curdling screams is almost upon us – and we can’t wait.

All Hallow’s Eve – or Halloween – is one of our favourite nights on the calendar; the only 24 hours of the year where unleashing your inner witch, scaring children and eating spooky snacks are acceptable.

If you’re not into Halloween, avert your eyes now! If you are, check out the bloody, disgusting – but mostly fun – Halloween ideas we’ve sourced right here at Majura Park. Mwaahahahahaha!

1. The cheesiest Halloween costume ever.

Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? If your little one’s not into blood and gore, this is a fantastic (super yummy) option that’ll have unsuspecting people at their front doors in stitches. And it’s super easy to source and put together. Bon appetit!

Shopping list
Blue tub, Bunnings
Garden fork, Bunnings
Yellow pool noodles, Big W
Yellow Lion King hoodie, Big W
Yellow cardboard, Big W


2. Snacks so simple it’s scary.

You’ll need plenty of time after school to perfect costumes, so here are a couple of super simple snacks to save time and keep hungry little ghouls happy.

Shopping list – Banana Ghosts
Bananas, Woolworths
Milky Bar block, Woolworths
Nestle choc bits, Woolworths

Shopping list – Pretend pumpkins
Mandarins, Woolworths
Celery heart, Woolworths


3. Enter if you dare.

Make the trip to your front door a perfectly terrifying experience for Trick or Treaters.

Shopping list
Knives garland, Big W
Webs, Big W
Large pumpkin, Big W
Garden sign, Big W
Front door wreath, Big W
Mini pumpkins, Big W
Bloody ‘Keep Out’ window sticker, Big W

Shopping list – Dead witch on lawn
Broom, Big W
Stockings, Big W
Shoes, Big W
Hat sourced from our own costume box!

There are loads of other Halloween ideas at Majura Park Shopping Centre! See you in-store!

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