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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 month ago

Is there a better time to live in Canberra than in the crisp months of June, July and August?

Scraping the ice off your windscreen with a credit card in the very early mornings isn’t super glamorous, but just down the Monaro Highway we have some of the best terrain for skiing and snowboarding in the southern hemisphere.

If you’re packing up the family car and escaping the city for the powdery slopes this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to prep for your weekend at the snow in three easy steps, right here at Majura Park!

1. Start with snow chains

Driving in icy conditions can be challenging – so safety’s a must. Call in to Autobarn and staff will quickly source the best snow chains to fit your vehicle. With great prices for purchase, there’s no excuse for not having them at the ready should conditions require them.


2. Stock up on activities for the little ones

While for older kids it’s all about carving and quick turns on the snowboard, there are plenty of awesome accessories for the little ones in-store at Macpac.

We’re loving the Line Snow Scooter and the classic Toboggan, and is a snow fight really a snow fight without ammunition made in a Rogue Snow Ball Maker?

Macpac is also the home of fleece, merino, down and insulated jackets to keep you toasty, and even offers a waterproof onesie for really tiny adventurers. #cutenessoverload

macpac toboggansnowballer

3. Fuel up – the family and the car

It’s just over 200km from Canberra to Kosciusko National Park so after you’ve purchased your snow chains, head to either Caltex or Costco Petrol to fuel up.

Woolworths, Aldi and Costco have all the essentials for snacks for the road trip – Cobs natural salty sweet popcorn anyone? – as well as snacks for hitting the slopes, including fruit, muesli bars and bottled water in bulk.

For relaxing on Friday night when the car’s finally unpacked, grab a bottle of Hakkaisan ‘Eight Peaks’ Snow-Aged Sake or a bottle of Moet and Chandon Ice Imperial, – both available at Dan Murphy’s – as part of your Majura Park shop.

And finally, after you’ve followed this comprehensive list of instructions, treat yourself to a McDonald’s family box before heading to the slopes.

Happy snow adventures from the Majura Park team!

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