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The best spring rides in Canberra, by the people who know

There’s a reason many of our capital city counterparts refer to Canberra as “the city of lycra”. The combination of stunning bike paths, tracks and trails, complemented by eternally clear weather, means we live in one of the best cities in the world for cyclists.

Now that Spring is upon us, we called in to Trek for the hottest advice on where to ride our bikes in the warmer weather. It turns out our lake, a huge dam and a certain mountain are always among the crowd favourites.

Trek staff Ben Read, Thomas Wood and Stuart Jones are avid cyclists, and reckon Canberra’s one of the best cities in the world if you spend a lot of time on two wheels.

The Cotter/Uriarra loop
Fitness level: Reasonable
Length: 35km
Watch out for: Beautiful views of the dam, sheep, cows and roos

This classic loop west of Canberra is best cycled at 6am, Stuart says.

“When you go out early enough in the morning, it’s very quiet, you can get away from it all,” he says.

“Riding alongside the dam and then up over the dam at that time of day is just beautiful,”

For a different and more challenging take on this ride, head over Uriarra Crossing and then turn left onto Fairlight Road.

“It’s pretty tough – and will take you longer – but you’ll be glad you did it.”

Trek essentials for the Cotter Uriarra loop
Air Rush Road Pump, $59.99
Flare RT Rear Bike Light, $79.99
Ion 200 RT Front Bike Light, $79.99

Lake Burley Griffin
Fitness level: Easy
Length: Choose your own adventure – from 5km up
Watch out for: Great views of the lake and our national institutions

If you love riding as a family – and especially if you’ve got a tiny rider in your midst – you can’t beat the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

“It’s well signposted, the bike path goes the entire way around the three basins and the best part is it’s away from traffic,” Ben says.

Ben rides around the lake on his way to and from work at Majura Park, and says riding along the front of Parliament House is always the highlight. For a different take on the traditional lake ride, he recommends adding a cycle up the hill to the National Arboretum.

“It’s a challenge so it might not be an option for little legs,” he says. “But the view and the coffee at the cafe at the top are so worth it.”

Trek essentials for riding around the lake
Super B Patch Repair Kit, $4.99
Tyre levers, $4.99 (2 pack)

Super B Patch Repair Kit & Tyre levers

Mount Stromlo
Fitness level: Something for everyone
Length: Varies
Watch out for: Packed weekends – head to Stromlo weekdays or early morning on weekends

Thomas knows it’s a cliche, but adamantly believes the best place to ride your bike in Spring is at Stromlo.

“It’s got a little bit of something for everyone – from nice easier family loops and ‘The Playground’ for riders to the rides up the hill that are more technical,” Thomas says.

The “nice, long, flowing downhills, great for cross country” are his personal favourites, while he’s fixed many a bike that’s had an unfortunate run-in with rocks on the other side of Stromlo on the Three Amigos.

Trek essentials for riding at Stromlo
Blaze WaveCel MTB helmet, $349.99

Blaze WaveCel MTB helmet

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