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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 year ago

With Canberrans being charged up to 30 cents per litre more than other capital cities for their petrol, it’s little wonder hundreds of motorists head to Majura Park Shopping Centre on weekends to fill up with Costco fuel.

Costco consistently offers the cheapest fuel in the capital, and the Canberra petrol station is so busy it’s one of Costco’s top three for fuel sales nationally.

But if waiting in line at the bowser on the weekend isn’t your thing, here are our tips on the best times of week to drive in and fill up.

Monday morning, 9.30am (after school drop-off)

While the queues on Saturday and Sunday are lengthy, business understandably drops off significantly on Monday mornings. According to Costco, it’s ‘whisper quiet’ on a Monday morning, with motorists able to drive in and fill up straight away on most occasions.

Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes

If you’re lucky enough to work at Brindabella Business Park, Fairbairn, Fyshwick or even Civic during the week, it’s worth your time to duck over to Majura Park in your lunch break to fill up.

The fuel station is quiet during the day, and if you bring your sandwich or leftovers, you can spend the driving time making plans for a weekend that doesn’t involve lining up for fuel.

Thursday afternoon (before 5pm)

Costco’s fuel station is busiest between Thursday night and Sunday night – especially in winter as Sydneysiders and other regional skiers stop to fill up on the way to the snow.

Beat the crowd and fill up on Thursday afternoon between lunchtime and 5pm. Costco tells us that peak hour starts from 6pm.

If you just don’t have the time to head to Costco Fuel during the week, create a Spotify playlist for the wait. Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars are a must.

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