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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 year ago

Easter hat parade

Three Easter hat options to get you through this week

Get out the hot glue gun, mini eggs and feathers – it’s Easter hat season in Canberra.

If you’re lacking inspiration (and let’s be honest, time) this year, we’ve got you covered. The three options below are all sourced at Majura Park Shopping Centre and range from the super simple to a more complex option even Willy Wonka himself would love.


Option 1: The Chicken Nest (easy)

Easter chicken nest

Shopping list

Easter Shreds (Woolworths, $2)

Easter Novelty Mini Chicks (Woolworths, $2)

Cadbury Mini Eggs (Woolworths, $1.50)

Hairspray and bobby pins

If you’ve got a son or a daughter with long hair, this Easter nest is a total WIN.

After securing hair into a ponytail, tease it and wrap around the band to make a messy bun. Pin bun down with bobby pins, and pop in three fluffy yellow chickens and their precious eggs (Cadbury Mini Eggs are perfect because they’re speckled and look like they’ve just been laid.)

Spray with hairspray to hold in place and voila – you have the perfect answer to the inevitable “Mum! The Easter hat parade’s tomorrow!”


Option 2: The Frying Pan (medium)

frying pan

Shopping list

Mini Fry Pan (Big W, $9)

White Elastic (Big W, $3)

Bouncy Egg (Woolworths, $3)

Black Artline Marker, Craft Glue

This one is a bit of a show stopper. Less about glitter, foiled eggs, feathers and cardboard, and more on the ‘minimalist side’, it’s an Easter hat as simple as it looks. But it’s just so clever. You even get to keep the tiny fry pan for cooking real eggs afterwards. Bonus!


Option 3: The Wonka-tastic Rainbow (master)

wonka easter hat

Shopping list

Rainbow Hat (Story Room, $15)

Rainbow Swirly Pops (Big W, $5.99)

Gobstoppers (Big W, $2.20)

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Solid Eggs (Woolworths, $4)

Golden Ticket and Wonka Sign printed at home

Enter a world of “pure imagination” with this multicoloured, Wonka-themed Easter stunner. It starts with a rainbow hat from Majura Park Shopping Centre store Story Room, and ends with layers of bright lollies, Easter eggs and, of course, the iconic golden ticket. This one requires a lot of glueing but the end result is a hat Willy Wonka himself would be jealous of.

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