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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 year ago

We’re here to save your time (and sanity) this weekend

Haircuts, car washing, groceries – and that’s after the kids’ sport, of course. Check out our five ways to fast track your ‘to do’ list at Majura Park Shopping Centre this weekend.

1. Have your car washed while you shop

Step 1: Leave your wheels with the team from Concierge Car Wash while you shop.

Step 2: Take great delight in crossing ‘clean the car’ off your weekend to do list.

Step 3: Enjoy your extra free time with your special purchase at number 5 below.


2. Walk from ALDI to Woolies (yes, walk)

The frozen Turkish gozlemes, the butter chicken thigh steaks and the uber popular ‘cauliflower with cheese sauce bake’ you simply add to a roast – everyone has their ALDI faves. But for those who need to top up their weekly ALDI shop with a few items from Woolies, we’ve got you.

ALDI and Woolworths are under the same roof at Majura Park, so there’s no need for trolley returns, short drives and doubling-up on packing between supermarkets. Wheel your trolley from ALDI to the food court end of the centre and grab what you need at Woolies. So satisfying.

Aldi shop front


3. Sort school lunches for days (and by days, we mean months)

We know you probably have those huge pizzas and toilet rolls on your Costco shopping list, but Costco is also a lifesaver for lunchbox treats in bulk.

Think huge punnets of blueberries at cost price, muesli bars, mini chip packets and freshly-baked apple muffins by the literal dozen. Even if (when) the kids come home from school and raid the pantry, you’ll have plenty left for actual lunchboxes.

school lunches

4. Rid the kids of their sideburns

Are the kids already peeking through long fringes and sporting sideburns like it’s the late 1970s? Just Cuts is your saviour – no bookings required.

boy getting hair cut

5. Grab a wine on the way out

Considering you’ve done the weekly grocery shop, washed the car and sorted the kids after-school cravings for a month, it’s time for some self-care. Treat yourself. Head into Jim Murphy Express for a bottle of rose or your favourite sav blanc and pop on re-runs of your favourite show when you get home. You deserve it.

shelf of wine

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