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Majura Park Shopping Centre | 7 months ago

The new school year is just around the corner! Going back to school is exciting for kids – new year, new teachers, new shoes, new uniforms, new stationery, new backpack. While it’s an exciting time for kids, it can be stressful and overwhelming for many parents. We’ve put together a list of school essentials to ease the back to school shopping experience.



First things first – they can’t go back to school without a uniform! Chilada is your one-stop shop for all things school uniform! You can also pick up matching school headbands to help keep the hair tidy throughout the day.

For the list of school uniforms that Chilada stock, click here.


School Shoes

Looking for affordable quality school shoes? You’ll find the perfect pair of Grosby’s at Big W! Looking for some school shoes that will last the whole year? Pick up some Clarks from Chilada!



Backpacks are the perfect way for kids to express their personality at school! Whether it’s their favourite cartoon character or animal. Our pick is the Tinkerbell backpack from Toymate and the funky print backpacks from Kaisercraft. You will find some Mambo backpacks for the older kids at Big W!


Recess and lunch ready!

If you have the coolest lunch box in the playground you will be more likely to eat the healthy food inside right? Pick up an insulated lunch box bag and matching bottle from Kaisercraft! We also love the bento box and animal lunch boxes from Big W. Woolworths also has a range of containers that will help compartmentalise and keep their food fresh all day!


Something to put in the lunch box?

Add some healthy and vibrant foods to your kid’s lunch boxes this year! Woolworths has a range of back to school healthier lunch box ideas that will put a smile on your kid’s faces. To view the full range of ideas, click here.



Pens, pencils, glue sticks, highlighters, books, book contact, erasers – you name it, Big W has it! Alternatively, why not gradually add stationery to your trolley while doing your groceries at Woolworths!


Paint Smock

Look at those patterns! Enough said.


Educational charts

Make homework and learning fun with an educational chart from Toymate! A bright, fun and encouraging way to learn at home.


Name labels

Kids lose things from time to time. Pop a name stick-on label on your kid’s possessions to help their belongings find their way back to them if lost!


Fresh Hair Cut

One of the exciting things about getting ready for the new school year is getting a fresh hair cut! Just Cuts and Moe & Co. have you covered!


Please note that the prices in images are subject to change at any time. See instore for further details. 

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