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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 year ago

Get your bedroom winter ready with Pillow Talk.

While we would all agree that autumn is the prettiest season in Canberra, it is also the season when we start to feel that Canberra chill, where all you want to do is snuggle up in bed with a warm cup of tea and a movie. As Canberrans always say – “you feel the weather change from Anzac Day…” This means that the cold change is unfortunately just around the corner! If you haven’t felt it already that is!

We’ve spoken with our friends at Pillow Talk who have given us their hot tips on ways to keep your bedroom cosy and toasty warm this winter because we all deserve a good night’s sleep! You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug with these tips from Pillow Talk.


1. Flannelette sheets

Quilts and blankets aren’t always enough during the cooler months in the Nation’s capital. It’s time to put aside your standard sheets and invest in a classic flannelette sheet set. Pillow Talk’s flannelette sheet sets are available in a calming colour palette and some subtle patterns – there’s something to suit every home!

Pillow Talk - Sheets

To view the full range of flannelette sheets, click here.


2. Textures

There’s nothing better than snuggling up to a faux fur cushion on a frosty winter’s night! Create a cosy feeling with soft faux fur, snuggly throws and layers of cushions throughout your home. We can’t go past textured pillows!

Pillow Talk - Bedding


3. Layers

Think of your winter bedding like your winter fashion – layers, layers and more layers! Throws, blankets, pillows and more! Turn your bed into a sanctuary full of soft textured layers for a perfect warm night’s sleep and an instant luxe feel. We recommend the Somers Throw, which creates an additional layer of warmth on the bed and also doubles as a decorative bed piece when not in use!

Pillow Talk - Throw


4. Rugs

There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed in the morning and your feet hitting the ice cold tiles or floorboards. Rugs add a layer of insulation to the floor and trap the cool air underneath. They’re a great investment as they will help you save money on home heating! There’s a rug for every style at Pillow Talk!

Pillow Talk - Rugs

To view the full range of rugs, click here.


5. Candles

The flame of a candle may not heat a room, but the scent of a candle can soothe the mind and mentally make a room much warmer! We can’t go past the range of Glasshouse Candles, they’re to die for! And also make a great gift!

Pillow Talk - Candles


Pillow Talk at Majura Park is open, and have introduced ‘Phone, Park & Pay’ for a convenient and confident shopping experience. For further details, click here.
Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm
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