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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 year ago

When the temperature is predicted to be a high of 11 degrees, nobody wants to spend the whole day outside entertaining to kids. We’ve put together a list of activities that will entertain the kids inside, and keep them warm this winter.


Make your own stuffed toy!

The Teddy Bear Store has a range of ‘Sew your own’ stuffed toys – so cute! With the help of mum or dad, kids can sew their own mermaid, unicorn, bunny and more!

When all else fails, head to The Teddy Bear Store and pick up an adorable seal or polar bear!


Craft activities

Craft is more satisfying when you create something you can use (or eat!). Create your own bath bombs or lollies! These make the perfect gift, if they last that long!



Have your children been begging for a pet?! Try Sea Monkeys or Aqua Dabra! They don’t take up much space and will take the kids mind off that dog they’ve been begging for!

With Toymate’s latest range of Magician games, your kids will be able to turn a balloon into a rabbit!



You can’t go wrong with a classic puzzle! They are hours of entertainment that boost children’s confidence and cognitive skills. We can’t go past this Horsing Around Selfie puzzle.

Horsing Around Puzzle, Toymate


Mess-free colouring!

Babyyyyy shark do do do do do! Magic colouring-in that only requires water is a win in the eyes of many mums!

Baby Shark Water Art, Toymate


Wooly warmers for a walk to the park!

We all need a breath of fresh air! Make sure the kids are winter wardrobe ready with Chilada’s range of beanies, boots and animal face ugg boots!


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