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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 month ago

From a giant blanket the entire family can snuggle under to serious State of Origin swag and a rainbow breakfast treat, here are the seven products we’re obsessed with right now at Aldi and Costco.

1. Monopoly for losers.

This awesome twist on the traditional Monopoly game turns losing on its head and celebrates it instead. Players earn cash by doing the normally frustrating things in Monopoly, like going to Jail, paying rent on a property and going bankrupt. Players who are down on their luck (and would actually be winning in a normal game) can make a comeback using a large Mr. Monopoly token, giving them major advantages over the other players. We’re obsessed with this new and creative way to play an iconic game.

Aldi, $19.99


2. The best blanket ever.

This super soft Brookstone blanket is absolutely huge – measuring 3m long! Perfect for family movie nights snuggled up together watching the new Doctor Strange or Sonic the Hedgehog. The grey and white tones mean the blanket will fit right into any decor and look great draped over the couch. We love it because even the tallest of parents will have plenty of plush blanket to keep their size 13+ feet toasty warm.

Costco, $64.99


3. A very pastel start to the day.

Who can resist the pastel-perfect colour combo that is Mermaid Froot Loops? Toucan Sam is obviously a breakfast hero from way back, but seeing a female form on the box does also delight us. This mega box of mermaid fruitiness is 1.3 kilos and sure to last the family through the school holidays. We love them because even the aqua loops have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Costco, $12.99


4. Tiny turntables for the little DJ in your life.

The middle section of Aldi always delivers and these Jack and Jill wooden DJ decks for kids are no exception! Featuring turntables, a headset and lots of buttons and controls, your child will soon be mashing up epic Cocomelon and Sesame Street remixes. We love it because the wooden features mean it will outlast your child’s turntable antics and, even better, it relies on imagination – which means it’s a super quiet activity. Major parenting win!

Aldi, $14.99


5. Go the Blues!

Wear it on casual Friday in the office or lounging around on the weekends. Either way, this NSW Blues hoodie is going to seriously annoy your Queensland-loving friends! We love it because it’s a limited edition – but mostly because it’s not maroon! (Can you tell we’re Blues supporters here at Majura Park Shopping Centre?) Also the price point is super affordable.

Costco, $32.99


6. Plush puppies straight out of the 80s.

These plush puppies have been around since the early 1980s (remember when they had their own cartoon show?!) and are still as cute and lovable as ever. With their adorable trademark floppy ears and droopy eyes, the puppies come in a variety of colours (grey, brown, white) and some with spots. Each puppy has a cardboard case shaped like a doghouse and their very own “adoption” certificate. We love them because you can have just one best friend, or collect more for a whole Pound Puppy pooch family.

Aldi, $29.99


7. Harry and his magic gang.

Every muggle in Canberra will be busting to get their hands on this limited edition figurine pack. All five of the main characters from the fantasy novels come complete with Hogwarts uniforms and wizardry wardrobes. If the child or adult in your life has read all seven Harry Potter books, they’ll love acting out their own scenes with these realistic remakes. We love them because they will inspire a Ministry of magic and provide endless opportunities for play.

Costco, $79.99


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