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Majura Park Shopping Centre
Majura Park Shopping Centre | 1 week ago

It’s that time of year where we try and pack as many winter layers into one bag and hit the Monaro Highway for the ski fields! Make sure you visit Macpac on the way for some tips and tricks on snow fashion essentials.

The best part about Macpac products is that they focus on the adventure-loving individual who loves to pack their life into a bag and disappear on a hike, climb or snow adventure, meaning their products are made of high quality fabric and are perfect for packing!

Hot tip – thick layers doesn’t necessarily mean more warmth!


Waterproof puffers

Puffer jackets are a real vibe when it comes to winter fashion! They compliment every winter outing, whether it’s your brunch outfit or active wear – a puffer is essential! However, not all puffer jackets are waterproof and therefore not ideal for the snow. Macpac has a range of waterproof down jackets in a variety of colours that can go straight from brunch to the slopes!


Snow socks

Socks are a given! But it’s best to make sure they’re the real deal when it comes to snow socks! Once your feet are cold at the snow – your whole body feels like an ice cube!



Layers, layers and more layers! Thermals at Macpac are a whole lot more exciting than your everyday black and white options. Embrace your personality in your thermals with the range of Geothermal colours that Macpac has to offer!


Kids snow gear

Did you know that Macpac has a range of kids snow gear?! Waterproof snow jackets, mittens, beanies, pants, onesies and more! All in fun vibrant colours so you can easily keep an eye on them in the slopes!



Pom pom or no pom pom is the real question! Keep your ears snug and warm with one of the many beanies that Macpac has!


Hand & feet warmers

We will take five of each please! The perfect essentials for your pockets while hitting the slopes!


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