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After a long day of snowboarding, skiing or sledding down the slopes, there’s nothing quite like indulging in a warm hearty meal, rugged up in comfy tracksuit pants while sitting by the fire with friends and family. We’ve put together a list of comfort food recipes that will not only make your stomach feel content but also leave the house smelling absolutely scrumptious!



Soup – one of winters best comfort foods! Our pick is a Moroccan Pumpkin Soup – a twist on the classic pumpkin soup that is full of herbs and spices that will smell delicious! Serve with crispy garlic bread – yum!

Prep time = 5 minutes
Cooking time = 40 minutes
Difficulty = ¾

To view the recipe, click here.

Quick alternative – Campbell’s canned pumpkin soup and a touch of Moroccan seasoning (will be ready in under five minutes!)



There’s something amazing about pies… It’s the combination of crispy buttery pastry and warm flavorsome insides that make them the perfect cold weather meal. While the list of pie fillings is endless – beef, pepper, curry, chicken, vegetable, potato and so on, we can’t stop thinking about Leek & Mushroom Pot Pies. Made as individual servings so there is no messy cutting and the portion sizes are perfect!

Prep time = 15 minutes
Cooking time = 50 minutes
Difficulty = ¾

To view the recipe, click here.


Slow-cooked meals

Coming home after a long energetic day on the slopes to an aromatic house that will make your stomach rumble… Our pick is a Slow Cooker Beef Ragu – a slow cooked meal and pasta in one, how could you say no! This recipe makes a delicious hearty pasta sauce with super tender meat.

Prep time = 20 minutes
Cooking time = 8hr35m
Difficulty = ¾

To view the receipt, click here.


Apple crumble

There’s nothing quite like a warm apple crumble on a chilly winters night by the fire. The main ingredient is fruit so you can eat as much as you like right?

Prep time = 10 minutes
Cooking time = 30 minutes
Difficulty = ¾

To view the recipe, click here.

Quick alternative – Nanna’s family apple pie! Pop it in the oven and watch it turn golden! Tell your family you made it from scratch…


Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate topped with snow (whipped cream) – will be an evening hit with the kids (and the adults)! This recipe is simple, quick, sweet and everything a hot chocolate should be! Tip – add some mini snowballs (marshmallows)!

Prep time = 5 minutes
Cooking time = 5 minutes
Difficulty = 2/4

To view the recipe, click here.

Quick alternative – Jarrah Hot Chocolate Sachets – simply stir in hot water and enjoy!


Mulled wine – Adults only

It’s a snow essential right?! Warm and full of spices that will heat your insides – the perfect way to finish a busy day at the slopes!

Prep time = 5 minutes
Cooking time = 10 minutes
Difficulty = ¼

To view the recipe, click here.


Pots and serving?

While most AirBnb’s or accommodation lodges don’t come with a slow cooker, cheese platter board and instagrammable cocktail glasses, that doesn’t mean you can’t pack your own! Pick up some at affordable prices before you go and reuse them when you get home to impress your guests!



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